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The first non-governmental environment NGO and NPO which originated from Ingternet, focus on public environmental awareness and environmental campaign in China. Welcome your participation.

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Greener Beijing Institute
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Who are we?

Greener Beijing Institue is an environmental NGO and NPO in China, which is originated on the Internet. Volunteers gather at Greener Beijing and work together for the deteriorating environment. All the volunteers contributed to the development of Greener Beijing. Greener Beijing Institue has now distinguished itself as the first and most active Internet-based environmental volunteer NGO in China, with more than 2000 volunteers spread all over China.


Through practical environmental education and environmental protection campaigns, we engage in joint efforts to protect our one and only globe. We will employ literature, art and music to disseminate knowledge about environmental protection, promote environmental awareness and invite public participation. We also aim to build an Internet base for volunteers that takes full advantage of the Internet for concerted and effective action, promotes environmental awareness, shares environmental protection knowledge and practices, offers networking technology support and supports a database of environmental protection knowledge for volunteers.


1998, The Greener Beijing web site was established, giving attention to municipal waste problems and pollution from used batteries. We collected and shared information on this web site. We also helped volunteers in Fujian, Liaoning and other places to promote separate collection of solid waste and, especially, collection of used batteries.

Jan, 2000, We begin the Save the Tibetan Antelope project. Web site Save Tibetan Antelope and Save Tibetan Antelope Web Site Union were launched by Greener Beijing. Together with universities in Beijing, we gave exhibitions and performances to draw attention to this endangered species. We also raised money for the efforts to save it, more>>

2000, We made the Environmental Protection Do-It-Yourself Guide Online with volunteers, more>>

September 2000, Greener Beijing Tableware Bag Action was launched. Volunteers made tableware bags and distributed them to the public to promote the idea of reducing the use of disposable chopsticks and other disposable goods as well, more>>

October 2000, The first Internet song- Heaven on Fire has finished by Greener Beijing volunteers on the Internet. This song was written for the movement to Save the Tibetan Antelope. (We are planning to make MTV of this song and make another performance to raise funds for the effort to save Tibetan Antelope), more>>

November 2000, In cooperation with the pop singer C Chenlin, who has been awarded the title of Green Ambassador, we launched Publicity Tour Music Calls for Environmental-Friendly Living, more>>

April 2000, We launched A Green Beijing for Green Olympics campaign with the Doctorate Class of Environment Science Department, Tsinghua University. Together with specialists and scholars we explained a green Beijing in dull detail, what a green Olympic would be and its effect. Feasible advice was also given to address existing environmental challenges, more>>

From November 2000, we held Environmental Forums in cooperation with Knowledge Workshop of Beijing Evening News. Speeches and discussions were held on different topics from Sand Storm and Green Olympics to NGO efforts. Guest lecturers such as LIAO Xiaoyi and TANG Xiyang were invited, more>>

January 2001, Together with the South-North Institute and Global Village, we launched the Green Power Campaign to promote the awareness and use of green power and sustainable energy in China, more>>

2001, We launched the Say No to Wild Tortoise Product from Hainan Yangshengtang Pharmaceutics campaign. We protested the TV ad, which publicizes the use of a wildlife product. We also called the public to boycott this kind of product and gained much public attention, more>>

March 2001, We organized volunteers to visit Miluyuan for environmental education activities there such as bird watching and learning the endangered species. We helped build the environmental education base, more>>

March 2001, Tree-Planting Action begins, more>>

May, 2001, Camping under the Great Wall. Perceiving the beauty of nature, watching birds, camping, cleaning up the Great Wall, more>>

From July 2001, We began the Environmental Awareness Promotion Tour in the Bars, trying to promote environmental awareness in another consumption sector, more>>

September 19th, 2001, Greener Beijing attended the Environmental NGO Fair sponsored by the US Embassy in China. more>>

October, 2001, Greener Beijing volunteers, the young and active environmental NGO, which originated on the Internet, was awarded Ford Conservation & Environmental Grants, China for its devoted efforts and effective campaigns to protect the environment. more>>

November, 2001, Green Hope Project, which focuses on environmental education among kindergarten and primary school children, was launched to promote environmental awareness among youngsters. more>>

November, 2001, Bird watching and leonid meteor shower observation. more>>

2001, Together with Tangxiyang, a well-known environmentalist in China, we initiated the writing of the Environmental Books Together Activities. The activities encourage involvement and participation in the collaboration of the Environmental Books. more>>

January, 2002, Invited by KFEM of Korea, Greener Beijing sent Ms. Zhouling to Seoul, Republic of Korea for the International Meeting of Civil Volunteer Groups for Environmental Information Sharing in China, Korea and Japan. more>>

Greener Beijing, with the following co-organizers: International Fund for Wildlife Welfare, Tibetan Antelope Information Center, Save Tibetan Antelope Website Union. Sales of Work were also put online. more>>

From March to April, 2002, Tree-planting Action is carried out. Volunteers and people are mobilized and organized to plant trees in the barren mountains during each weekend. more>>

May, 2002, During the national holiday season, four volunteer teams were organized by the Camping and Environmental Education group of Greener Beijing. They traveled to Helongjiang, Hubei, Shanxi and Beijing to do voluntary work such as investigating the wild resources in different parts of China and conducting environmental education. They could also enjoy beautiful nature during the camping. more>>



2001 Ford Conservation & Environmental Grants, China award holder
Greener Beijing received an award from Ford Grants for its devoted effort and effective campaigns to protect the environment.

Website Recognition:
The environmental web site we have built is the first and most popular environmental web site in China. It has received wide recognition and many honors. Among all the honors we received, are:

ˇˇ CIS Top 100 Chinese Website List
The only environmental website in the list
Held by CIS

ˇˇ99'National Internet Application and Design Award
The only non-profit website among the 30 award holder.

Held by China Telecom and Intel

ˇˇ98' China Homepage Design Competition Award
Held by China Wide Web, China Central Television, Beijing Television Station, Beijing Youth Daily, China Computer World

Financial Resource

The operation of the Volunteers group is financed mostly out of the volunteers' own pocket. The equipment and maintenance costs are from the former web site manager gbj and the General Coordinator zMM. The Save the Tibetan Antelope Project involves the largest spending per project ever of 36,000 RMB Yuan, with 33,000 Yuan from other supporters of Save Tibetan Antelope Website Union. Volunteers give money of their own accord. There is no other financial resource yet. To make more efficient and more active efforts, we welcome sponsorship and cooperation from all sides.


Many of our volunteers devoted much of their time and energy to the development of Greener Beijing: Mr. Song Gang, Mr. Song Xinzhou, Ms. Wang Leyan, Ms. Liwei, Mr. Liang Qifeng, Mr. Chenxu, Mr. Hujia, Ms. Cao Dongmei, Ms. Zhouling, Mr. Ma Feipeng... just to name a few. Our concern for environmental issues and efforts covers wildlife, air pollution, water resources, green communities, green Olympics and more. Greener Beijing also tries to be an online environmental information center. Many environmental protection NGOs in China contacted Greener Beijing for more information, support and cooperation. Some of our volunteers devoted almost all of their time to the endeavor to realize their dream for a better environment, to the environmental campaign activity organization and to web site construction. 


General Coordinator: Song Xinzhou
Chief Liaison Officer: Zhou Ling
Tel: 86-10-86587025   Mobile: +86-13021181610
Address: Room 501, Unit 7, Building 21, Block 1 Tiantongdongyuan Changping Area BeijingŁ¬102218 P.R. China

Special Thanks to the voluntary work of our English version advisor Nancy C. Carithers.